Instant noodles are a household staple in most Asian countries. We eat it as a snack, as a main meal, as comfort food, or when strapped for cash. Although instant noodles are convenient and delicious, they has gotten a bad rap due to the high flour content and high in carbs, but now it doesn’t have to be.

There’s some noodles on the market that can actually be good for you. They may look and taste similar, but instant noodles can be made from many different raw ingredients — from wheat to buckwheat to vegetables — and their nutritional benefits vary. Lemonilo Healthy Instant Fried Noodle is a healthy and delicious alternative to your conventional instant noodles.

Why Lemonilo Healthy Instant Fried Noodle safe for your body ? Because, they made from spinach and organic seasoning. The fried noodles are going through baking process not fried, making them free of trans fat that can harm your body. In addition, these fried noodles are low in gluten, MSG and HVP free, also no preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors added.

You can now find the healthy and delicious fried noodle at DOJ Juice Bar starting January 15th. Enjoy a healthier lifestyle with us!