Central Jakarta, we’re here! DOJ Juice Bar mark its second store at Plaza Indonesia level Basement, all set to deliver flavorful cup of made-to-order pure juice and smoothie as a good start to your any day. From the best sources of fruits and vegetables, we got something for every taste.

Favorable Juicement

Imagine the best combination of delicious fruits and its magical nutrients being squeezed into different special recipes. Each recipe is fully packed with benefits and freshness to your day.

Smoothie Crime

Experiment the flavor of our smoothies range! They are simply a good blend of sweet, tangy and fresh you’ll love.


Supreme Health

How about adding all-natural, unsweetened fruit and vegetable juice to help supplement your body? Supreme Health range is a fun and tasty way to pack a ton of nutrients into a drinkable treat that’ll make you feel great.

Feel free to pop-in and say hi to our team, we are ready to take your order!